Playful Petals Frozen in time

Playful Petals

A fun design Playful Petals uses the OASIS® Floral Foam Bricks in a large ceramic container as the base.

With a Disc of Ice in the arrangement to make it playful and the clever use of Aluminium Wire and Pearls on Reel as another added feature.

Also the use of a large amount of different flowers and foliage’s gives the feeling of Spring in the Air.

Win someones heart with a design full of fun, movement and the unexpected.

Short stems of Alstroemeria, Ranunculus and Roses in romantic shades of red, pink and purple give this design a simple base. Longer stems of Crucifix Orchids dance above in the space created by arched Liriope. Tulips and a suprising disc of illuminated ice.

*Designer: Richard Go AIFD * Photographer: Craig Peihopa

Bring a smile to a lucky lovers lip’s by following the steps below.

Step One

Wind 3 lengths of Aluminium Wire together to form a 30cm strip then wrap Pearls on Reel up and down the entire length to add texture. Repeat the process. Fill a flat side salad bowl with water and add sprigs of leaves and flower heads. Freeze over night then run water around container to remove ice for use.

Step Two

Place soaked Oasis Ideal Floral Foam in a ceramic container before asymmetrically wedging in the Ice Disc just a little of centre. Hold it in place with the beaded strip made in step 1 bending the strip to follow the contrast of the disc. Tuck Queen Anne’s lace into one end of container and fill the other with Erlicheers. Cut Baby Love Roses short and insert in front of the Ice Disc.

Step Three

Add some Roses behind the Ice Disk to hold it in place then insert short purple Alstroemerias at the front and compliment with a few stems behind the ice creating visual dimension. Arch Liriope leaves and Tulips to frame the ice then insert Crucifix Orchids to capture the negative space within the arrangement.

Step Four

Add cerise Ranunculi above the Alstroemerias to balance the colour of the Roses. Hang some Liriope berries at the front for contrast with the white vessel then place the battery operated LED behind the ice for illumination. A mist of Floralife Finishing Touch completes the design.

Flowers & Foliage

  • Alstroemeria
  • Crucifix Orchid
  • Daucus carota (Queen Anne’s lace)
  • Liriope
  • Liriope berries
  • Narcissus Erlicheer (Jonquil)
  • Miniature Phalaenopsis Orchids – White
  • Ranunculus
  • Rose ‘Baby Love
  • Rose ‘ Moody Blues’
  • Tulips – Double Petal


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