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Tips for keeping Flowers fresh without a water source

Tips for keeping Flowers fresh

 Flowers are alive.

Like people, they need extra hydration. Especially if placed outdoors without a water source. Read our Tips for keeping Flowers fresh without a water source..

Tips for keeping Flowers fresh without a water source

Small water tubes can be added to each individual flower stem. 

 Tuck the tubes out of sight or place them strategically as a part  of the pattern. Carefully processing your flowers in advance with proper flower foods is an important step. As an added precaution, use Floralife® Quick dip   for all flowers except for spring bulb flowers.

Delicate Flowers

When working with delicate flowers such as gardenias, stephanotis or lily of the valley you can spray with a mist of  water. Also cover with damp paper towel and seal inside a plastic bag for storage. Doing this will help to keep your flowers fresh and discourage browning prior to design.

Flower Buds or No Stem

Flowers with little or no stem such as gardenias, cymbidium or phalaenopsis orchids, clusters of hydrangea or stephanotis, you will need to snip the end of the stem and float the blooms in a bowl of lukewarm water. Float for about 30 minutes allowing the flower to hydrate completely. Remove the blooms and then drain on some paper towel. Glue or wire and tape into the bouquet as needed.

If you are designing with flower buds that will not have a water source. Dip the stem of the bloom in hot candle wax to sear the end, seal in moisture and encourage longevity.

Fresh Outdoor Foliage

Fresh outdoor foliage such as ivy, need to be cut and soaked in cool water until crisp. Drain water off. Mist individually with a foliage preservative like Floralifes Leafshine and polish leaves with a drying cloth.

Adhesives and Finishing Up

Tips for keeping Flowers fresh without a water source

Floral Adhesive

When wiring individual flowers a touch of  cold adhesive. It can be added to the stem of each flower before wiring  into a structure. As your flower stems shrink from de-hydration they can come loose. Also you may find the glue will help to secure your flowers in place.

Cold temperature and moisture are a combination that require you to select a cold-hardy floral adhesive. Try OASIS® Floral Adhesive, when securing items that will be refrigerated. Allow to completely dry before refrigeration.

Floralife®Finishing Touch

Floralife® Finishing Touch

Another tip after you design a floral cuff, mist the cuff with an anti-transpirant or finishing spray. Such as Floralife® Finishing Touch or Crowning Floralife® Finishing Touch Glory. 

You can then cover with plastic and hang in refrigeration until the event for ultimate freshness.

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