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All the Tips you need on Floral Garland

Create Flower Arrangements & adornments

All the Tips you need on Floral Garland use this garland to create flower arrangements and also adornments. Where the foam provides support and a water source to the stems inserted into it. In addition the netting helps keep your design secure. Create a beautiful tablescape or over doorways and hanging on arbors.

For more watch these quick Tips from Sharon McGukin.

All the Tips you need on Floral Garland

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OASIS® Floral stock a wide range of supplies for professional florists & hobbyists. OASIS® Floral Foam is available in wet and dry. 

Our Wet Oasis® Floral Foam has been designed with a firm structure. It is fast soaking and has superior water absorption. In addition, the balanced Ph levels guarantee the longevity of all your fresh flower arrangements.
Our Dry foams are not too hard in structure yet do not crumble and give off minimum dust.  Floral foam is suitable for fresh & dry flower arrangements, wedding flowers, funeral flowers, occasions and events.

We ship all of our florist supplies and products Australia wide.


Foam Maxlife Dekorette Super

OASIS® Ideal Floral Foam Maxlife Dekorette Grande

– 30x12x8cm (Pack of 2)
Actual Foam measurement is 23 x 11 x 8 cmA caged piece of OASIS® Brand Floral Foam Maxlife attached to strong plastic base. Shop now

Orchids and Jute Floral Garland

Orchids and Jute Floral Garland

You may also enjoy Orchids and Jute Floral Garland from our Floral Recipe section, where we have a range of Floral designs each sharing a complete list of Flowers & Foliage used.

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