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Heaven on Earth – Garden loving mums will adore this tribute to nature

Heaven on Earth

Carefully composed Square White Frosty Crates loaded with succulents support a Jacaranda framework of fantasy.  Also tiny quail eggs and feathers poke through a small nest of moss while a larger nest is packed with colour. It’s hard to recognise the OASIS® Cupcakes nestling inside and disguised by a coating of moss but once again they’ve demonstrated their versatility.
Furthermore all these components can be created by following Jo’s instructions.

Designer: Jo Wong – Photographer: Craig Peihopa

Heaven on Earth step 1

Step 1

First of all use OASIS® Bind wire to join several thin branches of Jacaranda creating a horizontal structure. So that it can rest on a trio of Square White Frosty Crates.  Furthermore arrange the branches so that they will support two nests of different sizes.

Step 2

Begin larger nest by binding a small section of 9 strands of Blue Annealed Stub Wire together with Bind wire. While leaving a short and much longer end unbound. Bend the long lengths 90 degrees to form a star shape. So you can weave Bind wire throughout until a small base is formed. Cover any remaining unbound Stub Wire with Bind wire. Coil dried grass into this framework forming a nest. Likewise coil more dried grass to form another smaller nest. Finally fill the latter with dried moss. Before finally adding OASIS® Floral Adhesive to attach three quail eggs. Also add a sprinkling of craft feathers.

Heaven on Earth step 3

Step 3

Another step, is spraying two OASIS® Floral Cupcake skirts with DESIGN MASTER® Adhesive. Before coating them with dried moss. then wrapping them with green Bullion Wire. Add Lisianthus, Matricaria and Euphorbia terracina to the first cupcake. Fill the final cupcake with Trachelium, Scabiosa and also intersperse with Globe amarant


Step 4

Cut OASIS® Ideal Floral Foam to fit into the trio of Square White Frosty Crates. Position crates to support the branches. For the reason that they are then placed on top and secured with Mossing Pins.
Insert Brunia, Haworthia fasciata. Also Sedum Cherry Tart, Maidenhair Fern and Globe amaranth into the floral foam. So now cover the mechanics with moss and secure with Mossing Pins. Place the larger nest into position using the short unbound Stub Wire prongs at the base of the framework before adding the cupcakes. Finally use Bind wire to attach the smaller nest.

Flowers & Foliage

  • Brunia
  • Euphorbia terracina
  • Eustoma (Pink Lisianthus)
  • Gomphrena globose (White Globe amaranth)
  • Haworthia fasciata
  • Jacarandah Branches
  • Maidenhair Fern
  • Moss
  • Scabiosa – Light Purple Sea-Star Fern
  • Sedum ‘Cherry Tart’
  • Tillandsia usneoides (Old Man’s Beard)
  • Trachelium – Light Purple


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