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Top Ten Floral Products

This is John McDonald from Flower Joos with his Top Ten Floral Products. It’s a pretty good list. Whats on your list that needs to be in the Top Ten? Comment below and tell us whats missing from the list. Whats your one must have tool? 

Listen as John McDonald explains the benefits of having these Top Ten Products and what to do with them.

Top Ten Floral Products…

Floral Scissors (2)
Floral Scissors 5mm
White water proof Tape
Waterproof Tape
Plastic Stem Stripper
Plastic Stem Stripper
Cutter Knife
Cutter Knife
Bind Wire - Green
Bind Wire Green
High Bond Adhesive Strips
High Bond Adhesive  Strips
High Bond Adhesive Roll
High Bond Adhesive Roll 
Floral Secateurs
Floral Secateurs
Oasis Floral Foam Dry Brick
OASIS(R) SEC Brick wrapped
Oasis Floral Foam Brick
OASIS(R) Floral Foam Brick wrapped
  • Packaging range coming soon

OASIS® Floral stock a wide range of supplies for professional florists & hobbyists.

Our Design Accessories range offers a choice of hundreds of products in an array of materials and colours designed to make it easy for you to add that extra texture and style to your arrangement.

Furthermore we have a comprehensive range of accessories including tools, tapes and adhesives to make your everyday tasks easier.

OASIS® Floral Products Tools are inexpensive and good value for money.

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