Cosmopolitan Connection Bouquet Guide

Opposite ends of the colour

spectrum create a

multicultural effect.

Weddings are often a melting pot of cultures. This bridesmaid’s design has been constructed to complement the Bouquet Swirls & Curls. Roses in pink, peach and purple sit harmoniously with vibrant blue Delphiniums and fragrant Lavender. A floral rainbow.

*Designer: Richard Go AIFD  Photographer: Craig Peihopa

Cosmopolitan Connection Bouquet Guide

Step One

Twist four pieces of Aluminium Wire together making 40cm strips. Wrap then with apple green Metallic Wire for contrast followed by gold Pearl on Reel for texture. Curl strips of the decorated wire with fingers to create coils.

Step Two

Secure the coils into the soaked OASIS Lady II bouquet holder. Insert a long stem of Westringia into the base of the holder to established the desired length.

Step Three

Cover the perimeter of the bouquet holder with shorter stems of Westringia and some Hakea leaves. Add long stemmed Delphiniums to strengthen the flow and line of colour.

Step Four

Finally add peach Avalanche Roses to top of the bouquet as focal flowers. Surround them with purple haze and also lace spray varieties then Viburnum berries. Ad d interest with sprigs of Lavender before misting with Floralife Finishing Touch.


  • Delphinium
  • Hakea foliage
  • Lavender
  • Rose ‘Peach Avalanche”
  • Rose ‘Purple Lace’
  • Westringia fruticosa (Coastal Rosemary)