Floral Headband – 3 Steps

Floral Headband

Floral Headband How To

Whether you’re designing your own bridal flower crown, flower crowns for your bridesmaids or flower girls, or if you just want a fun boho headdress for festival season.

Follow our guide and once you know the basics the creative possibilities are endless! Make the headband using our OASIS® Rustic Grapevine Wire which has an authentic, natural look and feel – so you’ll look like you’ve crafted your pretty floral crown from real branches, like a true goddess of the forest!


Floral Headband

First you’ll need to make the base for your crown out of the OASIS® Rustic Grapevine Wire. It’s best to measure the wire around the head of the person you are intending to wear your flower crown. Once you have measured the wire round once and are happy with the size, you can wrap around a couple more times to form a more robust headband. The loose ends can be wrapped around and made neat.


Floral Headband

Next you should wrap your crown in trailing ivy, weaving round and round to cover the whole crown. Do the same with strands of jasmine (which look so delicate and pretty!) – you can secure loose trails to the crown with our paper covered OASIS® Bindwire, which blends nicely in to the design.


Floral Headband

Now to add your flowers. OASIS® Floral Adhesive is the perfect glue; designed specially for use with flowers and foliage, it won’t damage the natural materials and will stick to just about anything. To add your flowers, think about which way you will wear the crown i.e. which is the front and which is the back. You want your largest flowers to be on the sides of the head, rather than a huge bloom sitting in the middle of your forehead! The Blue Vanda Orchid gives a dreamy tropical vibe to our crown, and these flowers also last really well. You can also use succulents which again last brilliantly and make for a modern and unique design.

Your Floral Headband is complete enjoy!

Flowers & Foliage

  • Ocean Mikado Spray Rose
  • Blue Vanda Orchid
  • Code Green Chrysanthemum
  • Ivy
  • Jasmine
  • Echeveria succulent