Pom pom

3 Step – Pom Poms

Based on an idea for a garden party, but the theme can be changed to suit any occasion using the wide range of Tissue Paper colours and Printed Film Roll Designs available in our Flower Wraps section.

You’ll need: 

  • Tissue Paper White 76cm x 51cm
  • Tissue Paper Light Green 76cm x 51cm
  • Tissue Paper Buttercup 76cm x 51 cm
  • Printed Film Roll Daisy White/Yellow 38 micron 80cm x 100m Curling Ribbon Yellow 5mm x 455m
  • Pre Packed Stub Wire Silver 18cm x 0.32mm x 15g
  • Led Light String White 2m
Pom pom

Step One

Using 10 sheets of tissue paper, fold the paper into an accordion stack, securing the middle with the stub wire. At this point it’s advisable to attach a generous length of the curling ribbon underneath the wire so the Pom Pom will be ready to hang.

Pom pom

Step Two

Trim the ends of the stack to your desired petal shape (rounded or pointed) then start to separate the first layer of tissue by pulling up and away from the tissue stack. Once you have separated one side, do the same to the other. Hang the Pom Pom by the curling ribbon so you can make sure the layers are even and full and the Pom Pom is balanced.

Pom pom

Step Three

You now have a finished Pom Pom. Pom Poms can also be made by replacing the Tissue Paper sheets with cut rectangles of printed film. You can also thread a string of LED lights through the Pom Pom to make them twinkle in the night.