Wriggling Wreath

Wriggling Wreath Floral Guide

What better way to welcome Trick Or Treat callers to your door than with a Halloween wreath?

This one is made using a woven wreath, and is both a trick and a treat; from a distance, passers-by will see a stylish (if somewhat spooky) woven door wreath, but get closer and you’ll notice that it’s positively crawling with sinister snakes!

It’s creepy – but it’s also kind of cute…


Wriggling Wreath

Step One

Spray the wreath in your chosen colour – we’ve gone for black, but for Halloween purple, green or orange could work well too. Give the Aqua Color spray a good shake before using, hold about 20-30cm from the surface you’re spraying and press the nozzle. Hold the nozzle down and move the can smoothly from side to side to give an even coverage. You’ll need to repeat shaking and spraying a few times to complete your wreath. Spray one side and leave to dry before flipping over to spray the other side. While you’re waiting for your paint to dry you can make your slithering snakes!

Wriggling Wreath

Step Two

Make your snakes – cut a length of Rustic Grapevine Wire, make a loop in one end and then fold the end of the wire into the middle of the loop to make a rough ‘head’ shape. Then bend your wire into the perfect snakey shape! You can keep the snakes green or spray them any exotic colour you like using our Aqua Color paint range – we’ve done a mix of both here.

Step Three

Now you need to give your snakes their tongues! Cut a length of red wire, fold in half and twist the two prongs round each other, keeping a forked shape at one end. The other end can be wrapped around your snake’s head to hold the tongue in place. The red Bullion Wire gives a subtle bit of sparkle to your wreath and gives the snakes some cheeky character!