Ghoulish Tricks and Tempting Treats

Ghoulish Tricks


Tempting Treats 

These spooky, sensory baskets make Trick or Treat more fun than ever. There are two designs to make here, and you can use them in two ways. Present your sweets to Halloween callers and they will love reaching through the dangling ghosts or into the spider’s web to retrieve their reward. Or, keep them empty of sweets and use them as collecting baskets for the kids to take with them door to door – residents will be so impressed by the fun design that your trick-or-treaters will get a bumper Halloween haul!

Ghoulish Tricks and Tempting Treats


First spray the baskets with orange Aqua Colour and leave to dry. The spray paint is water based so is safe to spray indoors, but make sure your surfaces are protected. Then line your basket; orange tissue works well for a pumpkin look, moss is good for a spooky woodland or graveyard theme, and our Crazy Mesh is ideal for making creepy cobwebs. We stretched some Crazy Mesh up over one side of the basket and glued to the handle to form a ‘web’ for our spider to sit in!

Ghoulish Tricks and Tempting Treats


Time to make some spooky accessories! For the spider: cut four lengths of Chenille Wire and wrap more wire round the middle of the lengths to split into eight legs. Then wrap round and round like a ball of wool to create more of a ‘body’ shape. The soft fuzzy wire gives the spider a great texture – if you’re brave enough to touch! For the ghosts: crumple some tissue into a small ball and place in the centre of a square of tissue. Wrap the tissue over the ball and tie wire round the ‘neck’ to separate the head and floaty body. Now draw on some freaky faces with black marker.

Ghoulish Tricks and Tempting Treats


Fill your basket with treats! White organza is a stylish yet spooky way to wrap loose sweets or homemade bakes – here we’ve wrapped ghostly marshmallows! Tie with curling ribbon for a finishing touch. For the extra ghosties hiding in the basket, we simply printed out cartoon ghosts and stuck them to paper plates to make a rigid structure, before cutting around their outline. In the other basket, mixed in with the sweets, the ping pong eye balls can be the ‘trick’ to your ‘treat’ in a lucky dip scenario! You can also use a small pumpkin or squash as an extra decoration.

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