Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Vases

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Vases

Vases in three colours make the perfect start for a gold, frankincense and myrrh themed  flower display!

Like the gifts of the nativity, we’ve made each arrangement different and charming in its own way, and most importantly, the three work together wonderfully.

The set looks lovely in the home and makes an impressive festive display for school, church or Christmas events.

Step One

Gold: A tall and elegant hand-tied design. Start with the Salix twigs and a collection of foliage in your hand. Cluster the flowers in your hand making sure that the red rose is the tallest flower, then have the other flowers at gradually shorter lengths as you work from the centre out. Make sure all the flowers have space to open and flourish without looking overcrowded when open. Use the oak leaf at the base of the design and add some decorative grass loops. Tie firmly with twine and place in the vase, once you have filled it with water and the correct dose of Floralife® flower food.

Step Two

Frankincense: A scented design with a cosy glow. Lie the ribbon on your work surface face down, glue the back of the ribbon and lie the cinnamon sticks onto the glue; make sure the bottom of the cinnamon sticks are all level. Leave this to dry. Soak the Oasis® Posy Pad then wrap the cinnamon stick ribbon band around it, securing with pins and trimming any excess to give a neat finish. Place the Sidon Vase in the centre of the Posy Pad and press firmly in. Insert your flowers into the foam to fill the gap between the vase and the cinnamon sticks – it doesn’t take many heads to create a beautiful clustered display. Finish by adding a candle to the Sidon Vase and filling around it with extra cinnamon sticks.

Step Three

Myrrh: Stylish and shimmering. Wire some pine cones to use in the hand-tied bouquet. Wrap the wire round the cone, between the bottom layers of ‘petals’, hidden as far in as possible. finish by trailing the end of the wire from the bottom of the pine cone to create a ‘stem’ for it to balance on. You’ll need to do the same with a succulent; remove it from the pot and insert a few lengths of wire into its stem. Now the pine cones and succulents can be tied in with your flowers (white roses and skimmia); have the pine cones in small clusters and your succulents facing out in different directions. Place the tied bouquet into the vase with water and the correct dose of Floralife® flower food. Finish the arrangement by securing a pine cone to the vase handle using wire and do the same with another succulent.

Use a small amount of glitter ribbon to soften the handle and finish the design.

Flowers & Foliage

  • Succulents (Echiveria)
  • Eryngium
  • Heraklion Lily
  • Hypericum – Excellent flair
  • Amarylis – Red
  • Carnation – Red
  • Red Rose – Naomi
  • White Rose – Avalanche
  • Salix twigs
  • Skimmia – Kew
  • Skimmia – Rubella
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Oak Leaf
  • Pine Cones