Summertime Basket

Summertime Floral Basket

Pretty florals look gorgeous this time of year around the house or as a centerpiece for on outdoor event.

The range of Balmoral Baskets couldn’t make things easier to create a perfect table display at a function or as a gift for a party hostess.

Match the flowers to the pretty weave in the basket and what’s great about this design is that it uses minimal flowers for maximum impact.

Why not give this summertime display a try!

Summertime Basket

Step One

Soak a brick of OASIS® Ideal Floral Foam in water.  Allow to float soak and do not push under the surface of the water. Use Galax Leaves in clusters towards the edge of the basket for maximum coverage of the foam. Insert the Anthurium so that it is almost flush with the floral foam. This will help to cover the foam and reduce the amount of flowers that you need to complete the design.

Summertime Basket

Step Two

Cluster the cerise Roses and Gerbera into the arrangement. Use the Gerbera at different heights so that the petals are not pushing the flower heads away from one another and overlapping.

Summertime Basket

Step Three

Use the beautiful purple Freesia in 2-3 clusters within the basket and finish the design with a Wooden Heart Pick.

Flowers & Foliage

  • Pink Roses
  • Pink Gerbera or Germini
  • Purple Freesia
  • Green Anthurium
  • Galax Leaves

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