Secret Gift Handmade CardsSecret Gift Handmade Cards

These homemade Christmas cards are sure to put a smile on the face of their recipients; not only are they as pretty as a present, they even come with a built-in gift! These easy-to-make cards feature lovely wooden hangers which are simply tied into place so that the recipient has a fun keepsake they can remove from the card and use as a tree decoration. Our pretty Christmas ribbons are used to make the front of the card look like a wrapped gift – so the clue is really in the design! The only problem? You will enjoy making these cards so much you may find it difficult to give them away!


Secret Gift Handmade CardsStep One

Fold your A4 card in half to make an A5 card. Cut one length of ribbon to go from top to bottom of the card and a shorter length to go across. Glue the pieces of ribbon in place – using your glue tube in a zig-zag pattern on the card gives good coverage without having to use much glue. Leave to dry.


Secret Gift Handmade CardsStep Two

Cut a suitable length of ribbon and tie around the string of one of the hangers before tying a bow. You can trim the loose ends of the bow to make them neat and even.



Secret Gift Handmade CardsStep Three

Add glue to the back of the bow and stick to your card where the two ribbon lengths meet. Press down for a few seconds to ensure a good stick and then leave to dry. Once dried, you can write out your cards, pop them in envelopes and delight your family and friends with your thoughtful creations!


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