Lace and Burlap Napkin Holders

Lace and Burlap Napkin Holders

Combining rustic hessian or burlap with pretty white lace has been a popular choice for wedding decor this year, and these charming napkin

holders are just the ticket to bring the trend to your tables.

Our gorgeous Lace & Burlap Ribbon gives you the right look in an instant; follow our craft tutorial to add a flourish of foliage as well as a personalised tag and you’ll have the perfect place settings.

Lace and Burlap Napkin Holders

Step One

Wrap the end of your burlap ribbon round one of your napkins to measure the length you will need and then cut to size – don’t forget to leave a slight overlap for gluing the ends together. You may want to cut all of your ribbon lengths at this point using your first piece as a guide.

Lace and Burlap Napkin Holders

Step Two

Pass the ribbon through the string loop of a heart hanger before gluing the two ends together at the back of your napkin – try to make the join like a neat seam. You can use the heart hangers as place cards for your table settings by writing on the names of your guests (marker pen will work)

Lace and Burlap Napkin Holders

Step Three

Decide how you would like to arrange your foliage (you can use whichever leaves and succulents you like the look of) and then glue the pieces to the burlap ribbon. Our tube of clear floral adhesive will help with accuracy and ensure there are no unsightly blobs of glue visible on your finished piece.

Flowers & Foliage

  • Rosemary
  • Medium-sized leaves
  • Succulents

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