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Sunflowers & Flat Wire

Sunflowers & Flat Wire

Sunflowers & Flat Wire Mother’s Day Arrangement

Firstly few ingredients have been used in this design however the combination of colours and textures bring it together. And as a result the finished design pops! Roses, Carnations and also Gerberas are a classic group of flowers, loved by most mums. In contrast the use of Green Carnations isn’t something you see everyday, Therefore creating a point of difference. Also the use of Flat Wire is very effective in this arrangement adding a modern twist to a elegant design. Finally the addition of some Bark Ribbon around the plain pot adds texture. So give it a go using your favourite colours. Find a full list of Flowers & Foliage used below….


Flowers & Foliage

3 Sunflowers
4 Orange Crush Roses
2 Jade Green Roses
4 Green Carnations
1 Bupleurum
1 Solidaster

Bark Ribbon - Hearts

Natural bark ribbon is a festive accessory for all arrangements. Great for weaving through a door wreath. Also you could also use it to wrap a plant pot.
Bark ribbon – Natural – 10cm x 2m

Only $4.80

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So why not check out our Mothers Day page. We have even more for you to create. You’ll find a collection of stunning Floral Designs you can recreate or maybe add your own twist!
So we all know when it comes to Mother’s Day floral arrangements, also fresh flowers are a gift of beauty and also fragrance. Furthermore sending flowers to a loved one says we celebrate their life. Whether dropping loose flowers into a vase of water or arranging blooms in a floral foam reservoir. Flowers speak for us. What message would you like to send?

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