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Fresh Magazine is now Fresh Designz!

Welcome to a magazine that demonstrates the versatility of OASIS® Floral Products in many stunning designs. Click on any of the issues below to find detailed how-to-make instructions from talented local and international designers.

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Designz® Cup!

Smithers-Oasis® Australia have proudly sponsored the Designz® Cup Competition since 2001. During this time there have been some amazing winners producing stunning and innovative floral designs. We know you will not only enjoy looking at these designs but also be inspired to create something special yourself.

Take a look at the winners right here from 2008 to 2018. Enjoy looking at some stunning and also inspirational Floral Designs, created by very talented Australian Florists…

Congratulations to Lauren Black from Flowers Design School in Perth for her high score in 2012. 

Anyone who’s seen Happy Feet won’t forget the penguin who felt compelled to dance.

His structure and components joined the queue of excellent interpretations of Australian movies that were judged throughout the year. Lauren threaded steel supports into a stone base to create a framework from chicken wire. She emphasised her penguin’s “happy feet” with black plastic which contrasted to the fabricated snow surrounding them and the feathers above. Grey wool, Chrysanthemums, Gerberas, Leucadendron and Singapore Orchids were woven or threaded throughout the framework to give texture to Mumbles. Cordyline leaves sprayed with Floralife® Leafshine created a wet look for his body and wings.

“I enjoy everything about floristry. Flowers are a big part of life’s greatest celebrations – they celebrate, give happiness, show love and brighten a day.”

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