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Wedding reception Floral Cupcake

Wedding reception Floral Cupcake

Wedding reception using a 12 cm OASIS® Floral Cupcake

Difficulty: Beginner

Time Required: 15 minutes

Wedding reception Floral Cupcake

This romantic OASIS® Floral Cupcake is a lovely creation as a centre piece of your wedding reception. You will be making it in no time just follow these 3 simple steps. Available in 2 sizes (8cm and 12cm), each OASIS® Floral Cupcake comes with its own decorative skirt or the plastic container you can change into your favourite colour. 

Wedding Floral Cupcake step 1

Step one

Remove the OASIS® Floral Cupcake skirt and using the float soak method place the floral foam, including the plastic case, floral foam side down in a solution of water and Floralife® Flower Food. Make sure that the container holding the water solution is deep enough for water to circulate freely around and into the floral foam. Once the OASIS® Floral Cupcake case is dry apply a coating of silver spray until it is completely covered then add some glitter.

Wedding Floral Cupcake step 2

Step Two

Pick some clusters of white Hydrangea and place them in the floral foam, building up a shape with a domed posy effect. The flowers must be placed approximately ⅔ down into the floral foam and should not be taken out and put back into the same hole.

OASIS® Floral Cupcake Step 3

Step Three

Place the Phalaenopsis Orchid on the top and some of the white pearls on reel around it.  Then add the wooden stick with the hanging sign. Finally set the cupcake on the stand and decorate the table with some petals.

Flowers & Foliage

Phalaenopsis Orchid
White Hydrangea


OASIS® Floral Cupcake

Pearl on Reel

Silver spray
Wooden Sicks
Hanging sign
Organza Ribbon
Crystal cake stand

Wooden Heart Pick – Frosted White -30cm x 7cm (Pack of 12)


Wooden pick collection great for festive decorations.

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