Blooming Buttonholes

Blooming Buttonholes

Blooming Buttonholes

Difficulty: Beginner Time Required: 30

In 3 simple steps create these Blooming Buttonholes which can easily be customised to your own wedding colours and flowers. Give the men in your wedding party a floral touch of their own for the special day. Ideal for that hand picked out the garden look, these crafty buttonholes are an informal finishing touch to your wedding planning!

Florist at work. Steps of making wedding boutonniere/ Blooming Buttonholes

Cut the heads of a few flower varieties, leaving stems of approximately 5cm long.  Small bud heads work best along with one slightly larger focal flower. Thinner stems also work better as they stop the design looking too bulky.

Florist at work. Steps of making wedding boutonniere

Arrange the flowers into a cone shape remembering to layer them also so that the design does not become flat and the larger focal flower is at the front.

Blooming Buttonholes

Once the flowers are bound in place and the stems covered in Parafilm for protection, take a length of ribbon or decorative twine and wrap it from the top of the bound stems to the bottom and then back again. Tie in place and then add a bow to cover the knot. Your Blooming Buttonholes are complete.

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