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Armful of Fun Floral Corsage

Armful of Fun Floral Corsage

Armful of Fun Floral Corsage is one of many dazzling Floral Designs in our Floral Guides section. All Floral Guides include a list of not only  Flowers & Foliage used but also Sundries used enabling you to recreate. See More Floral Guides…

Armful of Fun Corsage

Flowers & Foliage

2 Bi-colour Pink Spray Rose blooms

2 Pink Alstromeria Blooms

OASIS Ingredients

Aluminium Wire, Strong Pink

Pearl on Reel, Purple

Oasis Floral Adhesive

Create Magical Wands using Aluminium Wire and Skeleton Bayan Leaves

Floral Guides

Like our Floral Recipes our Floral Guides have a complete list of not only Flowers & Foliage used but also Sundries. However Floral Guides also have step by step instructions for you to follow. Allowing you to recreate stunning arrangements. See Floral Guides here…

OASIS® Floral stock a wide range of supplies for professional florists & hobbyists

Including a comprehensive range of wire products that offer everything a designer could need. Choose from binding, reel, cut lengths, shapes, consumer packed and a huge range of decorative wires. Furthermore we have a wide range of basic design accessories including tools, tapes and adhesives to make your everyday tasks easier. OASIS® Floral Products Tools are inexpensive and good value for money.

Pearl on Reel

Pearl on Reel

Pre-wired to save time. Furthermore Pearl on Reel adds points of interest and glamour to an arrangement, bouquet or gift design.

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Wide Elasticated Bracelet Ivory
Wide Elasticated Bracelet Ivory

Ideal for the easy creation of celebration wrist corsages. An adaptable corsage wristlet that wraps around the wrist. Features an attachment which makes it easy to apply flowers. Furthermore bracelets are elasticated and fit most sizes. Shop now

Armful of Fun Floral Corsage

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