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2010 Designz® Cup National Winner

2010 Designz® Cup

Theme: Wedding Wizardry in a Country of your Choice

National Winner – Michael Cordeiro 

Congratulations to Michael Cordeiro from Ultimo College at Sydney Institute of TAFE for achieving the highest total marks across all states in 2010.

He captured the legend of Medusa in his interpretation of a Greek wedding. Mythology says she was exceptionally beautiful before being turned into an ugly gorgon with snake hair by the jealous Goddess Athena. Each strand of serpent-like hair had to be stiff enough to stay in position yet also flexible enough to mimic the writhing of snakes.

2010 Designz® Cup

Michael did a great deal of binding and wiring to achieve this result. He then used hot glue to shape a serpent covered with decorative wire at diagonals to adorn Medusa’s shoulder. More wiring formed the glittering frame of the trailing bouquet below. This dazzling snake connected the traditional gift of money to serpent-like foliage while broken white plates and sugar-coated almonds extended the Greek theme.

“It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to touch people’s lives by providing a high quality service where flowers are made all the more special by the way they’ve been presented or arranged. I am grateful for the inspiration and motivation that other professionals in the industry provide,” said Michael Cordeiro.

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