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2017 Designz® Cup National Winner

2017 Designz® Cup National Winner

2017 Designz® Cup National Winner

2017 Designz® Cup National Winner

Theme: Marquee Madness

National Winner – Stephanie Ho

Congratulations to Stephanie Ho from Western Australia on becoming the 2017 National Winner.

She used vibrant colours when interpreting the racing theme and was especially inspired by the Winner’s Trophy and striving to win. The Schweppes Bar was also inspirational with its strong use of yellow and a fun vibe.

She used the compulsory OASIS® Ideal Floral Foam Netted Garland to decorate half of her golden circle frame then attached the bright coloured blooms to it. The compulsory OASIS® Dekorette Single Brick became an asymmetric floral arrangement on the bottom right corner of the design.

“I chose three Bird of Paradise stems to represent the horses coming first, second and third. The blue Delphiniums became a backdrop of winning colour and connected with the first prize ribbon,” explained Stephanie.

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