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Bush Tucker Floral Arrangement

Bush Tucker Floral Arrangement

Bush Tucker Floral Arrangement

Natives leap out of a rustic tin pot just in time for Mother’s Day lunch. A change from more traditional colours and textures this arrangement will suit the outdoors loving mum. A pair of Chrysanthemums are surrounded by a trio of Banksias and a duet of Siam Tulips. The perfect balance.


Fill the Tin Jorvik Pot with a soaked half brick of OASIS® Bio Floral Foam. Unravel and crunch the Rustic Grapevine Wire to create a nest then place on top of the tin container.


Base the arrangement with sprigs of Eucalyptus and English Box leaves. Firmly insert Banksias into the container ensuring that each Banksia head is a different height.


Dip freshly cut Chrysanthemum stems in Floralife® Quick Dip before adding into the arrangement. Insert two stems of Siam Tulips to establish height and textural contrast. Spray completed design with Floralife® Finishing Touch


  • Banksia marginata
  • Chrysanthemums disbud
  • English Box foliage
  • Eucalyptus longifolia Siam
  • Tulips


  • Floralife® Finishing Touch
  • Floralife® Quick Dip
  • OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Brick
  • Rustic Grapevine Wire
  • Tin Jorvik Pot with gold Rim

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