Framed for the Future

Framed for the Future

An open frame beneath a bouquet of white Anthuriums achieves lightness and space.

Follow the steps below to create the airy frame which can be made well in advance. Incorporate Asparagus fern, Seeded Eucalyptus, Ivy and Green Bells so that they fall loosely though it.

INSERT: Geraldton wax, Hypericum berries, white Roses and Tulips amongst the Anthuriums that have been arranged by length. Two longer stems trail delicately below while Scubiosa stellate and wire arches complete the design.

Framed for the future step 1

Step One

The frame comprises three segments or wedges joined together to create a dome-like structure. Begin by cutting six 120cm lengths of Rustic Grapevine Wire then fold each in half for strength.

Step Two

Wrap Pearls on Reel around each folded length going down then back up to create a criss-cross effect. Join them together in pairs with Metallic Wire to create three segments leaving 5cm above the binding point.

Step Three

Cut three 10cm pieces Rustic Grapevine Wire and another three at 14cm. Wrap Metallic Wire around the Rustic Wire like a candy cane then curl the wire using your finger to make a spiral. Attach one 10cm wire spiral between each of the three pairs using Metallic Wire.

Step Four

Bend each pair into a wedge-shape before attaching a 14cm spiral further down. Bind all three together using Pearls on Reel at the bound point of each wedge.

Flower & Foliage

  • Anthurium
  • Asparagus africanus (Asparagus fern)
  • Chamaelaucium uncinatum (Geraldton wax)
  • Hypericum berries
  • Ivy
  • Roses
  • Scabiosa stellate (Starfloweer pincushions)
  • Seeded Eucalyptus
  • Thiaspi arvense (Green bells)