Midollino Modern Art Flower Design

Midollino Modern Art Flower Design 

This certainly is modern art, talk about Wow factor here it is.. If this Midollino Modern Art Flower Design doesn’t get your creative juices flowing I don’t know what will.

The variations of yellow together with the eye catching textures of modern wires and a simple yet stunning vase create this modern look.

Flowers & Foliage

  • 10 Stems Yellow Craspedia
  • 1 Bunch Yellow Rannunculus
  • 3 Stems Yellow Roses


  • 8″ Gathering Vase, Caramel Ice
  • OASIS™ Colour Regen, Silver, Metallic
  • 10 OASIS™ Midollino Sticks, Natural
  • 1 roll OASIS™ Etched Wire, Gold Matte