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Floral Designs For Occasions

Floral Designs For Occasions!

Click on the images below to see a collection of Inspirational Designs and How to Guides relevant to the occasion you are designing for.

Designs For Occasions a collection of Stunning Floral Designs

Christmas Floral Design Inspiration /Designs For Occasions
Start Now and Succeed on Valentine’s Day
15 Things You Need to Know About 2018 Wedding Trends
Designs For Occasions
Mothers Day
Thinking Of You
Thinking Of You

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As well as Designs For Occasions we also have a Floral Recipe section full of Inspirational Designs with a list of all Flowers & Foliage used, so you can re create for yourself. Furthermore there is our Floral Guides a collection of Step by Step how to guides.

Regency Rose Box (Set of 3)

Three stylish and extra long presentation boxes. Available in a  choice of colours.

Regency Rose Box (Set of 3)

Regency Rose Box (Set of 3)

Make stunning floral displays using long stems such as roses, or use to present gifts in a unique way. Also try lining the Regency Rose Box (Set of 3) with tissue paper to complete the look.

These Regency Rose Box sets are a part of our 2019 Winter/ Spring Collection. The collection includes a range of Hat Boxes. The hat boxes come with a hard plastic liner making them watertight and suitable for use with plants and flowers. Get an ancient jungle look with our Amazon collection – With a rough texture and colouring to imitate the natural weathering effects of nature. Fun lantern inspired baskets also available in a variety of colours. My favourite new product in the Winter/ Spring Collection is the Ivory & Black Lined  Envelope – Flower Box. Find even more exciting new products here 2019 Winter/ Spring Collection.

OASIS® Floral stock a wide range of supplies for professional florists & hobbyists.

Our Design Accessories range offers a choice of hundreds of products in an array of materials and colours designed to make it easy for you to add that extra texture and style to your arrangement.

Furthermore we have a comprehensive range of accessories including tools, tapes and adhesives to make your everyday tasks easier.

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