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Floral Design Video Tutorials

Floral Design Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Floralife® Quick Dip Demo

Building a Foundation for Your Floral Designs

How To Elevate Your Designs

Top Ten Floral Products

Rolling roses on your table

Floral Gift Bag Arrangement

How to create wire flowers

Sweet Surprise – Birthday cupcakes

Create A Stunning OASIS® Cupcake Arrangement

All the Tips you need on Floral Garland

How many flowers fit on an OASIS Sphere?

Holding Bouquet Holder Handle

Make perfect circles with OASIS Aluminum Wire

How to soak Floral Foam

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As you can see we have more Inspiration then just Floral Design Video Tutorials 

Making Upscale Artisan Jewelry from Floral Wire

Making Upscale Artisan Jewelry from Floral Wire

Making Upscale Artisan Jewelry from Floral Wire

You can do it for love. You can do it for money.

Whatever your motivation, you already have the hands-on design skills and materials in stock. Add a gem of a new product line to your offerings: artisan jewelry.

Rodrigo Varito Vasquez AIFD, FSMD, FPCF of West Palm Beach, Florida has built a reputation and successful add-on sales with beautiful wire-wrapped jewelry as shown in the photos here.

When Varito isn’t selling flowers, this flower shop manager and artisan is designing artisan jewelry with some items going for as much as $500.

Also some designs have flowers added. Some are sold as jewelry. Which is evidence of the natural close relationship of jewelry and floral designs.

Varito shares his tips and techniques for creating your own artisan jewelry. Using floral decorative accessories and selling them in your flower shop, online or at craft shows. In honor of his heritage, I’ve repeated some of his quotes in Spanish.