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Floral Guides From OASIS®

Floral Guides From OASIS®

Our Floral Guides all contain Step by Step Instructions for you to follow

Hanging Basket Floral Design

Hanging Basket Floral Design Hanging by a thread – Carnival Lined Basket. They work for many occasions and in many locations but look stunning when hanging from a bare branch. Like exotic parrots their colours and content may be enjoyed from every angle. Who could resist this dancing duet of Carnival Baskets? FLOWERS & FOLIAGE […]

Bush Tucker Floral Arrangement

STEP ONE Fill the Tin Jorvik Pot with a soaked half brick of OASIS® Bio Floral Foam. Unravel and crunch the Rustic Grapevine Wire to create a nest then place on top of the tin container. STEP TWO Base the arrangement with sprigs of Eucalyptus and English Box leaves. Firmly insert Banksias into the container […]

Holiday wreaths-How to

Holiday wreaths-How to Holiday wreaths-How to guide. Follow the steps bellow. Wreaths are a staple of the holiday season. Fragrant foliages. Colourful accessories. Fresh flower accents. For both tables and doors, wreaths are popular items for holiday decor. Whether you’re selling pre-made designs, customized items, or DIY kits or in-store classes – this simple wreath […]

Pew Perfection

Pew Perfection Pew Perfection Lift the spirits of every guest with a colourful chair design. The LOMEY® Pew Holder is designed to hang from the end of a pew but why limit it to that location. It could work equally well at a reception or this simple yet stylish design could ever become a bouquet! […]

Blooming Buttonholes

Blooming Buttonholes Blooming Buttonholes Difficulty: Beginner Time Required: 30 In 3 simple steps create these Blooming Buttonholes which can easily be customised to your own wedding colours and flowers. Give the men in your wedding party a floral touch of their own for the special day. Ideal for that hand picked out the garden look, these crafty […]

Wedding reception Floral Cupcake

Wedding reception Floral Cupcake Difficulty: Beginner Time Required: 15 minutes Wedding reception Floral Cupcake This romantic OASIS® Floral Cupcake is a lovely creation as a centre piece of your wedding reception. You will be making it in no time just follow these 3 simple steps. Available in 2 sizes (8cm and 12cm), each OASIS® Floral Cupcake […]

Perfect Pew Ends LOMEY® Pew Holders

Perfect Pew Ends LOMEY® Pew Holders. This LOMEY® Pew Holder has been specially designed to ensure hanging designs are stable and also easy to fix. Its versatility and the ability to adjust its length means designs such as pew end arrangements are simple to do. So check out the instructions below to make stunning pew […]

Wedding Warmth

Wedding Warmth Explosive colours like orange!  Bring light and as a result radiance to any autumn or winter bouquet. These complementary bouquets feature Roses. Emerging from a soft bed of Hydrangea. Also Scabiosa and Eucalyptus leaves. While OASIS® Aluminium Wire has been folded and added to both bouquets for decoration. In contrast trailing Apple-green has […]

Lace and Burlap Napkin Holders

Step One Wrap the end of your burlap ribbon round one of your napkins to measure the length you will need and then cut to size – don’t forget to leave a slight overlap for gluing the ends together. You may want to cut all of your ribbon lengths at this point using your first piece as […]

Secret Gift Handmade Cards

Secret Gift Handmade Cards These homemade Christmas cards are sure to put a smile on the face of their recipients; not only are they as pretty as a present, they even come with a built-in gift! These easy-to-make cards feature lovely wooden hangers which are simply tied into place so that the recipient has a […]

Houseplant Pot Wrap

Houseplant Pot Wrap Houseplant Pot Wrap These plant pot wraps are so simple yet SO effective! Use them to spruce up your houseplants when you decorate your home for Christmas, or use them as pretty, personalised presentation for plants you are giving as a gift. They can make a simple pot plant look like a […]

Create Magical Wands

Create Magical Wands using Aluminium Wire and Skeleton Bayan Leaves Create Magical Wands! Magical wands are back in fashion and making enchanting wands has never been simpler with OASIS® Floral Products.  You don’t have to be a wizard to follow our step-by-step guide to making this perfect wand creation. Flowers & Foliage StephanotisSpray roses – […]

Floral Photo Booth Frame

Floral Photo Booth Frame A wedding day is all about making memories to last a lifetime, and having a photo booth has become a popular way of both entertaining guests and also capturing some memorable pictures. So hiring a professional photo booth can be one option, but when the budget is tight, a DIY wedding booth […]

Summertime Floral Basket

  Summertime Floral Basket Pretty florals look gorgeous this time of year around the house or as a centerpiece for on outdoor event. The range of Balmoral Baskets couldn’t make things easier to create a perfect table display at a function or as a gift for a party hostess. Match the flowers to the pretty […]

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Vases

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Vases  Vases in three colours make the perfect start for a gold, frankincense and myrrh themed  flower display! Like the gifts of the nativity, we’ve made each arrangement different and charming in its own way, and most importantly, the three work together wonderfully. The set looks lovely in the home and makes an […]

Ring-bearer’s Plaid-Ruffled Pillow

Ring-bearer’s Plaid-Ruffled Pillow Flowers & Foliage 2 stems Hellebores Green 1 stem Astrantia Rosea 1 stem Berzillia Baubles Green 1 stem Eryngium Blue Dynamite Blue Sundries Atlantic® Rectangle Pillow, Linen & Lace OASIS® Floral Adhesive High Bond Adhesive, Strips OASIS™ Cotton Lace, Cluny Lace, Antique White See more like Ring-bearer’s Plaid-Ruffled Pillow Sign up to our […]

Cosy Up and Get Creative

Cosy Up and Get Creative Cosy up and get creative with this winter warmer of a design.  Our new Fur Lined Bags give a hint of luxury to seasonal craft creations. Try your hand at this simple, yet effective design. Flowers & Foliage Red Roses Holly Wood Sticks STEP ONE Soak the OASIS® Ideal Floral […]

Lilies and Dragons

Lilies and Dragons – with OASIS® Noir Ideal Floral Foam Maxlife  In this step-by-step guide you’ll see just how easily our new floral foam can be hidden within a design. Because of the light-absorbing properties of the black foam, gaps between flowers are less obvious and simply fade into the shadows. This means you can use fewer […]

Cocktail Hour Table Design

Cocktail Hour Table Design Great for event work and table designs this stunning design made using a 30cm OASIS® Ideal Floral Foam Sphere is definitely a crowd pleaser made in dramatic purple, red and lime green colours, and then jazzed up with a slash of silver.  A perfect addition is the popular Glass Seahorse Test Tubes […]

Suitably Spring Floral Guide

Suitably Spring Floral Guide Suitably Spring  These pretty pastel suitcases are a great addition to the home or for craft projects. Even better add flowers and give as a gift. The vintage print of flowers and birds gives a traditional feel whilst the pop of pastel colours provides a modern twist. Flowers & Foliage An Echeveria […]

Twiggy Tree Christmas Centerpiece

Twiggy Tree Christmas Centerpiece  This twiggy tree and foliage ring create the perfect centerpiece for your Christmas Dinner table.  A dusting of artificial snow and glitter add the ideal festive touch to this winter wonderland tree. Furthermore this design is simple and effective, so why not give it a try! STEP ONE Soak the 35cm OASIS® […]

Luxury Hamper Gift Wrapping

Luxury Hamper Gift Wrapping A gift is not a Christmas present unless it’s beautifully wrapped.  A pretty bow and some fancy flourishes can turn an ordinary offering into something really memorable, and the recipient enjoys their present all the more when they can see the care that has been taken with the presentation. Our Winter Berry collection […]

Carnations and Satin Ribbon Floral Pew Marker

Carnations and Satin Ribbon Floral Pew Marker Flowers & Foliage  25 Carnations 1 Pom Pon Bunch 5 Spray Roses Sundries OASIS® Floral Foam Netted Sphere – 12cm″ OASIS® Double-Sided Tape Double-Sided Satin Ribbon – Ivory OASIS® Floral stock a wide range of supplies for professional florists & hobbyists. Including a comprehensive range of wire products […]

Playful Petals

Playful Petals frozen in time A fun design Playful Petals uses the OASIS® Floral Foam Bricks in a  large ceramic container as the base. With a Disc of Ice in the arrangement to make it playful and the clever use of  Aluminium Wire and  Pearls on Reel as another added feature. Also the use of a large amount of […]

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Ring of Roses

Ring of Roses – Pomander Ball

Pretty as a picture this fragrant pomander of Roses and Gypsophila will delight a little bridesmaid at a summer wedding. Carry the theme through by hanging clusters of the OASIS® Netted Spheres above the wedding table and then decorate the backs of chairs with the hanging designs to give dazzling impact. Don’t just keep these romantic globes for weddings, for a garden party hang groups from trees to gently sway in the breeze. If cost is a consideration then omit the roses, and use only Gypsophila and Diamante Pins, this will give a frothy romantic look. The pomander is made on an OASIS® Netted Sphere using inexpensive short Roses decorated with Diamante Pins and finished with trailing ribbons, wire and beads.

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Candles Wedding Floral CenterpieceRose, Kale and Candles Wedding Floral Centerpiece

From our Floral Recipe Section

The combination of pastel coloured flowers and a variety of textures together create elegant results. Who knew Kale could look so pretty. Let this Centrepiece be inspiration for your next design.

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