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Floral How To

Floral How To

Ever Wondered How To Soak Floral Foam? or How To Wire Flowers? Want some Tips on Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh? Want Floral Drama? We have all this and more for you right here in our Floral How To section!

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How To Elevate Your Designs, How to create wire flowers, How to soak Floral Foam. Check them all out in one place.

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ROSE CARE & HANDLINGRose suppliers face challenges throughout the year at every point in the distribution chain.  Among them are pathogen and ethylene control, temperature management, and correct care and handling. Despite these challenges, Valentine’s demand means suppliers have to extend their harvest and storage periods.  The additional days needed means that it’s necessary every measure is taken to preserve and care for roses and spray roses along their journey to fresh.

Keep it fresh!

Good temperature management

Temperature is critical to overall quality.  Place roses into a 1 to 3 C cooler, with 75 to 85 percent relative humidity. Maintaining low temperature and high humidity is important to minimize water loss and maximize vase life. If you process flowers outside of the cooler, make sure that you minimize the amount of time that the flowers are outside of the ideal storing temperatures.

1. Disease prevention

Preventing diseases, such as Botrytis, requires control measures such as:

  • Temperature management.
  • Minimizing or eliminating temperature fluctuations.
  • Proper sanitation.
  • Gently removing all grower packaging from bunches when unpacking boxes.
  • Avoiding touching or handling flowers by their blooms.
  • It is best to avoid getting flower blooms wet.
  • Avoiding dropping or throwing flower boxes to prevent physical damage.
  • Making sure your supplier has treated your cut flowers with an ethylene action inhibitor.
  • Making sure that the cooler humidity is not too high (anything over 90% humidity encourages diseases).
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