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Flower Care

Flower Care

Introducing Floralife® Flower Care and also handling products designed for professional florists. Another product range we have for you. Providing a complete line of flower hydrating and also nutrient solutions. As a result ensuring not only fresh but also long-lasting flowers. Also Floralife® products include floral hydration,cleaners, flower foods, finishing sprays. Furthermore we have storage and transport solutions.

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Most noteworthy our Design Accessories range offers a choice of hundreds of products. While offering an array of materials also colours. As a result designing is made easy for you. Due to this it is easy go add that extra texture and also style to your arrangement. Furthermore we have a comprehensive range of accessories including tools, tapes and adhesives to make your everyday tasks easier. Certainly Floralife® Flower Care Products are good value for money.

 Floralife® Finishing Touch spray.

First of all Floralife® Finishing Touch spray is a scientifically engineered solution. Used to refresh, hydrate, and above all protect fresh flowers, foliage. Also blooming potted plants. First of all it prevents premature flower petal drop. As a result preventing dehydration, browning and wilting. Gain even more quality and freshness from your cut flower bouquets also wedding work, floral designs, and evergreens with a simple final step.

Tips for keeping Flowers fresh without a water source

Tips for keeping Flowers fresh without a water source  Flowers are alive. Like people, they need extra hydration. Especially if placed outdoors without a water source. Read our Tips for keeping Flowers fresh without a water source..  Tuck the tubes out of sight or place them strategically as a part  of the pattern. Carefully processing your flowers in advance with […]

Don’t Wilt!

Don’t Wilt! How Fresh Flowers Can Survive Hot Wedding Days Don’t Wilt! How Fresh Flowers Can Survive Hot Wedding Days When it’s so hot groomsmen chill their jackets in a walk-in cooler, can you keep fresh wedding flowers cool? This was the challenge facing three floral pros at a September wedding south of San Jose […]