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We have put together a range of Video Tutorials and How To guides. full of helpful Tips & Tricks

Fresh Magazine

How to Use Floral Foam

Sunflowers & Flat Wire

Rose & Wire Mother’s Day Centrepiece

Perfect Pew Ends LOMEY® Pew Holders

33 Quick Tips to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

Made for Mum

Vintage Mum – Mothers Day Flowers

Backyard Wedding Flower Tips

Orange Gerbera Tin Pot Arrangement

Wedding Warmth

Pampas Grass Ceremony Circles

Upwards and Outwards

Red Heart Flare Valentine Floral Centerpiece

Oval and Orange Valentine Floral Centerpiece

Poppy and Hot Pink Valentine Arrangement

Glitter Hearts Valentine Floral Centerpiece

Country Fence Valentine Floral Design

Red Rust Pot Valentine Floral Arrangement

Red Carnations and Midnight Valentine Centerpiece

Straight-Up Valentine Centerpiece

Orange Anthurium Mesh Floral Arrangement

Create Fabulous Floral Fashion

4 Easy Steps for Creating Trend-Savvy Botanical Headpieces

Quadruple Pink Floral Valentine

Pink Heart at Midnight Valentine Centerpiece

Lavender Grace Valentine Centerpiece

Valentine’s Day Floral Design Checklist

Vivid Heights

Building a Foundation for Your Floral Designs

Red Bouquet Vase and Rose Valentine Centerpiece

Orchids and Midnight Floral Valentine

Gratitude Grows Floral Centerpiece

Purple Passion Valentine Flower Arrangement

Bells on High Floral Centerpiece

Four Rose Soup Valentine Bouquet

Six Shades of Purple Floral Valentine

Purple Eucalyptus and Cinch Vase Valentine Arrangement

Light Pink Love Valentine Floral Design

Pink and Pearls Floral Centerpiece

Pink and Ivy Floral Valentine Heart

Stylish Pink Boutonniere

Enmeshed Valentine Floral Arrangement

30 Hot Wedding Floral Design Tips

Pink, Red and Purple Midnight Floral Valentine

Mesh and Cymbidium Valentine Design

Swirling Aspidistra Valentine Floral Design

How To Elevate Your Designs

Want Drama? Elevate Floral Designs These 4 Ways

Pear Leaf Boutonniere

He Created Floral Doorway Art.

How to Create and Display Circular Wedding Arches

11 Tips to Get Floral Wedding Garlands Right

Create a Spectacular Flower Chandelier

Fresh Feelings Valentine Floral Arrangement

Lace and Burlap Napkin Holders

Three Levels of Love

Purple Carnations with Heart Valentine Floral Design

Red Alstromeria and Slate Pot Floral Valentine

Start Now and Succeed on Valentine’s Day

Gold Twist Mixed Textures Floral Wedding Bouquet

Silver Crystal Boutonniere

Copper, Carnations and Bark Floral Centerpiece

From Music to Floral Magic to Foremost Event Designer for Stars

Fresh Flower Ideas for Three New Year’s Parties and Events

Golden Cane Palm – Christmas Star

Winter Berry Hessian Christmas Centrepiece

Cubed Chrysanthemums-Budget Designs in ceramics

Christmas Cube – Budget Designs in ceramics

What are the Fav 5 Holiday Floral Designs?

Tin Pot and Peach Floral Arrangement

Purple Carnations in Cinch Vase

White Tulips and Oval Tin Floral Design

Purple Orchid Wrist Corsage

Secret Gift Handmade Cards

Antique Pink Cache Floral Centerpiece

Roses and Lace Hand Tied Wedding Bouquet

Houseplant Pot Wrap

Spring Garden Bouquet

Stick-with-Pink Floral Design

Orange Rose Floral Wedding Cake Design

Bright Flower Swoosh Floral Centerpiece

Reinvent Wreaths like Laura Dowling in 8 Steps

Cybidium Tin Pot Holiday Tree Floral Centerpiece

Create Magical Wands using Aluminium Wire and Skeleton Bayan Leaves

Vertical Bowls Queen’s Anne Lace Centerpiece

Cymbidium and Agonis Floral Vase

Orange, Willow and Cooper Flower Centerpiece

White and Pink Two Sphere Wedding Flower Centerpiece

Parrot Tulips Punch Bowl Floral Arrangement

Wish you a Merry Christmas!

Lavender and Purple Cinch Vase Floral Design

Floral Photo Booth Frame

Pink and Green Embrace Flower Centerpiece

Pink and Orange Cinch Vase Arrangement

Summertime Basket

Don’t Wilt! How Fresh Flowers Can Survive Hot Wedding Days

Bucket of Love Valentine Floral Design

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Vases

Ring-bearer’s Plaid-Ruffled Pillow

OASIS® Floral stock a wide range of supplies for professional florists & hobbyists.

Our Design Accessories range offers a choice of hundreds of products in an array of materials and colours designed to make it easy for you to add that extra texture and style to your arrangement.

Furthermore we have a comprehensive range of accessories including tools, tapes and adhesives to make your everyday tasks easier.

OASIS® Floral Products Tools are inexpensive and good value for money.

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