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Mothers Day 2020

How can I celebrate Mum with flowers?

So we all know when it comes to Mother’s Day floral arrangements, fresh flowers are a gift of beauty and also fragrance. Sending flowers to a loved one says we celebrate their life. Whether dropping loose flowers into a vase of water or arranging blooms in a floral foam reservoir. Flowers speak for us. Mothers Day 2020, what message would you like to send?

Sunflowers & Flat Wire

Sunflowers & Flat Wire Sunflowers & Flat Wire Mother’s Day Arrangement Firstly few ingredients have been used in this design however the combination of colours and textures bring it together. And as a result the finished design pops! Roses, Carnations and also Gerberas are a classic group of flowers, loved by most mums. In contrast […]

Rose & Wire Centrepiece

The clever use of a LOMEY® Wire Collar makes this Rose & Wire Mother’s Day Centrepiece a little shinny and special, just like Mum. So why not add a little bling to your Floral Designs this Mothers Day with the use of a LOMEY® Wire Collar. Below is a full list of ingredients used… Flowers […]

Made for Mum Floral Recipe

Made for Mum – Indulge a special lady with a design that oozes optimism. – Designer Richard Go  #thefloralmcgyver. The secret behind this design is the coconut fibre matting. It has been bound with Rustic Grapevine Wire to create parallel lines. Along with a curving garland below. Also the placement of flowers and foliage gives softness and […]

Heaven on Earth

Garden loving mums will adore this tribute to nature

Floral Gift Bag Arrangement

Floral Gift Bag Arrangement Mothers Day Gift Bag Arrangement With mothers day approaching we thought “what would a Mum really love? “What would be better than a lovely bag? – A Lovely bag with flowers inside! Watch and see how to create this special design. John McDonald from Flower Joos will show you how to […]

How to create wire flowers

How to create wire flowers This is a great tip. Easy and cheap to create wire flowers that become a unique reusable flower holder. Perfect for not only for Mothers Day but any day of the year. We have every thing you need to get you creating. Ready to get creative and start making your own Flower […]

Why should I use Decorative Accents in my designs?

Decorative and natural accents add visual interest to your flower arrangements. So tie up your floral sentiments with soft muslin ribbon.  Also you can accent your arrangement with circles of Flat Wire. Most importantly, enjoy the process of designing beautiful flowers for your loved ones this Mother’s Day.

Can you water flower arrangements made in foam?

You sure can just top up with a little water every few days and keep your flowers fresher longer. Flowers are alive. Like people, they need extra hydration. Especially if placed outdoors without a water source. Read our Tips for keeping Flowers fresh without a water source..

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Floral Design Ideas from OASIS Floral Products Design Directors

Get inspired! Go to our Inspiration page to find floral design ideas in categories of interest to you. These designs were created by OASIS Floral Design Directors. Accomplished independent floral professionals who lead workshops also speaking and writing on creating floral arrangements. Furthermore designs include floral recipes listing fresh ingredients, structural elements and decorative accents used. Furthermore when your finished send us a picture we would love to share it on our Inspirations page.