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OASIS® Floral Tools & Basics

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OASIS® Tools – specifically designed for working with flowers



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OASIS® Floral stock a wide range of supplies for professional florists & hobbyists.

Including a comprehensive range of basic design accessories including decorative wire, stands, jute and ribbons to make your everyday tasks easier. OASIS® Floral Products Tools are inexpensive and good value for money.

We have a Range of Resources For Florists including great reads like this:

Black Floral Foam Changing your Design Possibilities.Noir Floral Foam-black-floral-foam

With one simple yet brilliant why-didn’t-someone-think-of-this-before change, your floral design possibilities will expand this Spring.

How? Black floral foam.

Specifically, OASIS® Noir Ideal Floral Foam, which has similar properties to other OASIS® Floral Foam but is black, the colour every other colour seems to want to displace.

With Noir, you can stop hiding foam. Instead, you can use it as a visible element in your designs. You can showcase elegance. And you can even use fewer flowers and foliage.

See for yourself: Take a look at the photos in this article of designs shown at the American Institute of Floral Designers Symposium earlier this year, where the product was introduced.

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