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Ceramic containers

Elegant and durable

Ceramics are durable and an added bonus, they hide your flower stems, making them a great choice.

Use as a vase for fresh flowers or succulents.

Browse our collection of ceramic containers and be sure to check out our complete container range

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  • Dragonfly Bowl 22.5x22.5x10

    Dragonfly Bowl

  • Fernside Leaf Pot 10.5x10.5x10cm

    Fernside Leaf Pot

  • Dragonfly Pot

    Dragonfly Pot

  • Ceramic pots white and blue

    Ceramic Pot with Tray

  • Sale! Ceramic Pots 9.5cm x 9cm

    Ceramic Pots 9.5cm x 9cm

    Original price was: $5.50.Current price is: $2.20.
  • Ceramic Cube Pink and Cream

    Ceramic Cube Pink and Cream

  • Ceramic cube green and cream

    Ceramic Cube Green and Cream