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Cutter Tools

Designed for Florists or anyone working with Flowers

Browse our collection of cutter tools and be sure to check out our range of handy Design tools

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  • OASIS® Floral Secateurs Carbon Blade

    OASIS Floral Secateurs Carbon Blade



  • OASIS® Ippon Scissors

    OASIS Ippon Scissors

  • Spring Floral Scissors (able to cut wire)

    Spring Floral Scissors (able to cut wire)

  • Mini Wire Cutters

    Mini wire cutters

  • OASIS® Floral Scissor

    OASIS Floral Scissor

  • Multi Coloured Florist Knives

    Multi Coloured Florist Knives

  • Heavy Duty Wire Cutter

    Heavy Duty Wire Cutter

  • Folding Saw

    OASIS Floral Folding Saw

  • Carbon Blade Scissors

    Carbon Blade Scissors

  • cutter knife

    OASIS Cutter Knife

  • Sakagen scissors

    Sakagen Scissors

  • OASIS-floral-secateurs

    OASIS Floral Secateurs

  • Floral Scissors 5mm

    OASIS Floral Scissors 5mm

  • wire cutters

    Wire Cutter High quality

  • Yellow handled scissors

    Yellow Scissors