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Floral Adhesive clear


Floral Adhesive clear 50m

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This Floral Adhesive clear 50ml tube is the leading floral adhesive in the industry –  This Floral adhesive is great for corsages and all delicate adhesive work also great for craft applications.

Features Benefits

Clear setting and Water resistant. Quick drying. Glues most materials.

Typical Uses

Gluing together fresh and artificial materials. Great in situations where a glue gun is not suitable. Floral Adhesive clear 50ml tube can also be used for Craft projects.

Why glue? Which glue to use? And what should you do and not do to get the most from glue?

Great questions. We have the answers in this very helpful article. Why and How to Glue Flowers

How to use cold floral adhesive

Tapes& Adhesives

Why and How to Glue Flowers

Two methods work well for gluing flowers in a design: dipping the end of the flower stem into glue and dripping glue directly onto the flower stem.

  • Place a small dab of glue on a square of plastic.
  • Add a drop of glue to the design area where the flower will sit.
  • Dip the end of the flower stem into the glue.
  • Insert the flower into the design and hold for a few seconds for it to adhere. Continue Reading…

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