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Single Floral FOAM LOVE letters with suction caps

Features & Benefits

L and E 23cm x 15cm – O and V 24cm x 12cm

Attaches to windows and any hard surface. Consistent floral foam quality.

Typical Uses

To create flower arrangement or decoration for wedding, event, celebration and during Valentine’s day arrangement.

Also Available OASIS® Floral Foam Letters

OASIS® Floral Foam LettersAn OASIS® Floral Foam letter shape tribute with a super strong waterproof base. Letters are 31cm high.

Super strong waterproof base Competitively priced Easy to use, cut and ribbon. With the whole alphabet available you can spell out the names of any loved ones.


Foam Love3D HEART H23cm

This three-dimensional shaped floral foam is custom-made, machine production.

Product Size: 23 CM (Height), 19 CM (Width) Only $14.00 Read more

Using Floral Foam – The How & Why  

Using Floral Foam

Using Floral Foam – The How & Why

Let it sink in! Why? Because floral foam has air-filled cells. So as water moves into the cells, air is pushed out and the foam sinks and also saturates.

Press the foam into the water and you will create an air pocket at the centre. As a result any flower stems reaching this dry space will not have a water source.

So please don’t push it down. You’ll find more on hydrating correctly later in this article. But first … Continue reading…



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