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OASIS Easy Fix Holder

  • Strong
  • Secure
  • Rigid plastic injection moulded base

Great for Table arrangements and other Floral arrangements

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Easy fix has a is a piece of pre-cut floral foam saving you time and money.

Foam is fast soaking, has good water absorption and balanced pH levels as a result increasing your fresh flower longevity.

Tip: To maximize the life of your floral displays be sure to soak your foam in FloraLife flower food first.

Features and Benefits

A round base to hold your foam and flowers securely in place.

  • Secure
  • Strong
  • Injection moulded base

SIZE: : 9 x 9.5 CM (Height)

Typical Uses

Create table arrangements and other floral arrangements

where the foam provides support and a water source to the stems inserted into it.

As well as Easy Fix Holder we have the Standard Easy Fix a rectangular piece of caged foam