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OASIS Premium Floral Foam

  • Cutting lines
  • Quick saturation
  • High density for heavy stems



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OASIS Premium Floral Foam - 20 bricks per carton

Features and Benefits

  • High density for heavy stems
  • Cutting lines
  • Excellent water source
  • Quick saturation
  • Low drainage

BRICK SIZE: 23 x 11 x 8 cm

QUANTITIES PER CARTON: 20 bricks per carton

Typical Uses

For arrangements with thick, heavy stemmed flowers and large floral arrangements.

How to soak wet floral foam

  • The container should be clean and big enough
  • Soak floral foam by placing it onto the water
  • Leave it until it is fully saturated
  • Do not push it under water as this may cause dry spots

Check out our How to soak Floral Foam video



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