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Weather its for a special occasion like a wedding. Maybe you are looking for some design ideas before you start on that next extraordinary floral arrangement. We have a collection of Inspirational articles and Floral recipes to provide all the inspiration you need. Also we update the section regularly so pop back every so often to see the latest.

Backyard Wedding Flower Tips

subscriptionHow are outdoor weddings different from indoor?

Significantly when you’re planning and installing the wedding flowers. Unlike indoors, there’s sun, heat, rain and also wind!

Not every backyard is perfect for a wedding, however the option is increasingly popular.  Searches for backyard weddings increased 441% on Pinterest in 2018!

It’s safe to say in 2019 you’ll see outdoor weddings continue to trend.  Along with their floral design challenges.

How to Create Fabulous Floral Fashion your Clients will Really Wear


Photo: @rustingudim

There’s botanical couture designed for shows. Then there are these 13 stunning floral scarves, vests and bodices that people will love to wear. Hence offering wearable floral couture like these designs can set your floral business apart. Or, like Carol Jillian of Jillian Design Botanical Couture in Lakeway, Texas, you can make it your business. “Everything I create is meant to be worn,” Carol explains. So customers wear them “for a wedding, prom, special event, Also for evening wear or as a decorative element.” Carol offers seven key insights for creating floral upperwear, including intricate details on how to fashion the foundation, which glue to use, also the right felt and how to place deconstructed flowers.

How To Soak OASIS® Floral Foam

subscriptionEver wondered if there’s a right way to Soak OASIS® Floral Foam? or How to soak those big awkward pieces? Let Neville Mackay show you How to soak Floral Foam the right way. He also shares some tips for working with bigger pieces.

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