Luxury Hamper Gift Wrapping

Luxury Hamper Gift Wrapping

A gift is not a Christmas present unless it’s beautifully wrapped. 

A pretty bow and some fancy flourishes can turn an ordinary offering into something really memorable, and the recipient enjoys their present all the more when they can see the care that has been taken with the presentation.

Our Winter Berry collection of Hessian Bags make for really luxurious packaging.

They also make wrapping quick and easy!

So don’t get tangled in yards of tape and ribbon, follow our guide for an easy option that’s sure to impress…

Xmas-Hamper-01-sizedLuxury Hamper Gift Wrapping

Step One

Cut a large enough piece of film to wrap your gift with some spare at the top. Lay the item on the film, wrap the film around, and secure the bottom with some clear tape. Leaving the top open for now. Our Merry Christmas printed film comes in gold, silver, and red which we’ve used here. With 100m on a roll you’ll have enough to wrap all your gifts!

Xmas-Hamper-02-sized Luxury Hamper Gift Wrapping

Step Two

Use a length of raffia to tie up the top – first thread it through the hanging string of your wooden tag. Then tie around the opening and make into a bow. We have lots of hanging tags to choose from and lots of different coloured raffia too so feel free to choose your own colour scheme!

Xmas-Hamper-03-sized Luxury Hamper Gift Wrapping

Step Three

Fill your hessian presentation bag with raffia – there are round, square, rectangular and star shaped hessian bags to choose from. You can shape the raffia to help display the products in the bag; use less where your gift will take up more room, and add more to ensure smaller gifts are raised up and on display.