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Oasis Floral Australia

We combine affordable, quality products,

with support, and exceptional customer service

The result? Happy customers

Who we are

Oasis Floral was established in Australia over 45 years ago. Located in Northern Victoria and delivering Australia wide.

Our goal was to create a place that’s easy for florists, hobbyists, and crafters to access our extensive product range in one place.

We offer a professional, personal, and considered approach to customer service.

If your business needs floristry supplies, craft accessories or post-harvest products to care for your fresh flowers, why go anywhere else.

Oasis Floral, have everything you’ll need to create fabulous floral arrangements. With an entire shop of affordable, quality

floristry supplies waiting for you whenever you need them.

Why we’re different

We’ve built a reputation as Australia’s most reliable and trustworthy Floristry suppliers for wholesalers, retailers, and individual users.

With units in over 27 countries, we can source a great range of affordable, top-quality products for you,

that are all part of the trusted OASIS® Floral brand.

Here’s why

At Smithers-Oasis, we share three core values at each of our locations around the world:

  • Dedication to customers

Commitment of the entire organisation to the needs of the customer

  • Quality of Product

Conformance to specifications that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations

  • Respect for the individual employee

Our truly unique resource through whom our goals are achieved.

How did it all begin?  

A little about us, 60 years ago Vernon Smithers invented OASIS® Floral Foam. 

The green sponge like material that holds water and enables flowers to be inserted into it.

Prior to its invention florists and flower arrangers used chicken wire and newspaper, clay or foliage’s as a base for floral arrangements.

This wonder product revolutionised commercial and recreational floral design

Vernon established Smithers-Oasis which is now a leading global manufacturer and marketer of floral foam, floral accessory products, cellular growing media and post-harvest products.

Today OASIS is the most recognized and trusted brand in the floral industry.


How did we grow so big?

 We started to develop a portfolio of products.  Many of which would not have been possible without the prior invention of floral foam.

 All of these products enabled design applications and commercial opportunities previously unavailable.

With a growing reputation of providing innovative products for florists, flower arrangers and hobbyists

we started to develop and introduce ranges of complementary sundry products.

Quickly becoming a one stop shop for everything floral product related. Some of our ranges crossed over into the home,

leisure and garden markets. Creating further opportunities for us and our customers.


Why OASIS Floral Australia?

 OASIS Floral Foam was introduced to Australia in the late 70’s and still remains pivotal to our product line. With such a diverse range of products we regularly received requests from customers who were unable to access many of our products.

 “We wanted to make it easy for everyone to access our products and realised an OASIS Floral online shop was the way to achieving it.”

This web shop is your hub to discover creative, inspirational ideas and the place to access brand leading products that will enable you to create fabulous floral arrangements, gifts and craft projects

Company Purpose 

Our network of facilities around the world enables Smithers-Oasis to provide products and services to the local market.

While reflecting cultural preferences and traditions.

All operating units have the same goal. They aim to provide solution-based products, education, design techniques and inspiration for florists and floral designers.

While supporting the industry through long-standing partnerships.