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Designz® Cup

Designz® Cup! Smithers-Oasis® Australia have proudly sponsored the Designz® Cup Competition since 2001. During this time there have been some amazing winners producing stunning and innovative floral designs. We know you will not only enjoy looking at these designs but also be inspired to create something special yourself.

Take a look at the winners right here from 2008 to 2018. Enjoy looking at some stunning and also inspirational Floral Designs, created by very talented Australian Florists…

2018 Designz® Cup National Winner

2018 Designz® Cup National Winner 2018 Designz® Cup National Winner Theme: Moments in Time National Winner – Emmelee Newman-Martin Emmelee Newman-Martin has received the highest marks across participating states.  Her pet western bearded dragon is named Buddha and inspired the dinosaur that she created. Emmelee used the compulsory OASIS® Petite Florettes at the back of her design while both the OASIS® […]

2017 Designz® Cup National Winner

2017 Designz® Cup National Winner 2017 Designz® Cup National Winner Theme: Marquee Madness National Winner – Stephanie Ho Congratulations to Stephanie Ho from Western Australia on becoming the 2017 National Winner. She used vibrant colours when interpreting the racing theme and was especially inspired by the Winner’s Trophy and striving to win. The Schweppes Bar was also inspirational with its strong use […]

2016 Designz® Cup National Winner

2016 Designz® Cup National Winner 2016 Designz® Cup National Winner Theme: Tribute to a Painter National Winner – Kathleen Horton Congratulations to Kathleen Horton from Marjorie Milner College in North Balwyn, Victoria for obtaining the highest Designz® Cup score in 2016. Kathleen based her design on a painting entitled Circles in a Circle and painted by Kandinsky in 1923. She spent hours wrapping […]

2015 Designz® Cup National Winner

2015 Designz® Cup National Winner Theme: Beauty Down Under National Winner – Sarah Lawrence Congratulations to Sarah Lawrence from Southbank Institute of Technology in Queensland for obtaining the highest Designz® Cup score in 2015. She created a nest that demonstrated the architectural prowess of the Satin Bower Bird. Her design was crafted out of vines and twigs while eggshells were carved […]

2014 Designz® Cup National Winner

2014 Designz® Cup National Winner Theme:Bring a Book to Life National Winner – Bettina Van Dijk Congratulations to Bettina Van Dijk from Challenger Institute of TAFE in Western Australia for obtaining the highest Designz® Cup score in 2014. ​ She interpreted the Ned Kelly story by Peter FitzSimons when she brought a book life at […]

2013 Designz® Cup

2013 Designz® Cup Theme: Tribute to a Fallen Star National Winner – Rachael Krause Congratulations to Rachael Krause from Marjorie Milner College in Melbourne for obtaining the highest score across all states with her Tribute to a Fallen Star design. Rachael’s floral interpretation of the red plane that Amelia Earhart successfully flew across the Atlantic in 1927 was […]

2012 Designz® Cup

2012 Designz® Cup National Winner Theme: Magic of Movies National Winner – Lauren Black Congratulations to Lauren Black from Flowers Design School in Perth for her high score in 2012. “I’ve always adored penguins with their cute little waddles – how could you not! My inspiration came from the story of Mumbles who couldn’t find his heart song and […]

2011 Designz® Cup

2011 Designz® Cup National Winner Theme: Painting with Passion National Winner – Michelle Arland  Congratulations to Michelle Arland from Tea Tree Gully Campus, TAFE SA for achieving the highest total marks across all states in 2011. Michelle Arland was inspired by the work of the Californian Impressionist Jessie Arms Botke who travelled to Europe in 1909 to […]

2010 Designz® Cup National Winner

​ He captured the legend of Medusa in his interpretation of a Greek wedding. Mythology says she was exceptionally beautiful before being turned into an ugly gorgon with snake hair by the jealous Goddess Athena. Each strand of serpent-like hair had to be stiff enough to stay in position yet also flexible enough to mimic […]

2009 Designz® Cup

2009 Designz® Cup Theme: “Once Upon a Time…..” Capture your favourite fairy tale in a dazzling design. National Winner – Kathryn Amor Kathryn Amor of Marjorie Milner College is congratulated on winning the national Designz® Cup award in 2009. Finger-crocheted snakes of OASIS® White Deco cord were flattened into discs before Kathryn drove over them several […]

2008 Designz® Cup

2008 Designz® Cup Theme: Dancing with Bling Capture your favourite dance in a creative design. National Winner – Kim Pham Congratulations to Kim Pham of the Flower Design School in Perth for her stunning interpretation of our 2008 theme.​ She said that a couple waltzing on the Hollywood Walk of Fame inspired her design. “Using OASIS® […]

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Using Floral Foam – The How & Why

Using Floral Foam – The How & Why

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