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FibreFloral Design Media from Smithers| Oasis | Florette Petite

  • A natural base for wet and dry floral designs
  • Excellent water storage and flower life
  • Recycled and recyclable plastic cage

Fresh flowers | Dried flowers | Silk flowers


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FibreFloral Design Media from Smithers| Oasis | Florette Petite


  • A natural product based on volcanic basalt rock
  • Bio-based binder derived from rapidly renewable materials
  • Excellent water storage capacity
  • Fast soaking
  • Optimal PH range for most flower types
  • Re-usable, following use, for growing plants from cuttings and seeds
  • Natural colour
  • Excellent flower life for most flower types
  • For use with fresh and dry flowers
  • Plastic base, handle and cage made from recycled and recyclable plastic

Typical Uses

Use as a base for floral designs. Either soak and use wet with fresh flowers or use dry with dried or artificial flowers.


Dispose of used FibreFloral Design Media from Smithers-Oasis in general waste. Not suitable for home composting.
Plastic base, handle & cage - recyclable PP (recycling code 5)


This is a non-toxic product; hand, eye, skin and respiratory protection are not required, but may be used if desired.

More Information
Size 23 x 9 x 8cm

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