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Wedding Warmth Value Bundle

Everything you need to Create these stunning Bouquets.

*Value Bundle includes enough to make 6 Bouquets!

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Wedding Warmth Value Bundle. 

Wedding Warmth Bundle

Designer: Richard Go Photos Craig Paihopa

Wedding Warmth Value Bundle

Designer Richard Go Photos Craig Paihopa

Includes Everything you need to Create these stunning Bouquets. Designed by our own OASIS® Ambassador Richard Go BSc BEd. Explosive colours like orange! Bring light and as a result radiance to any autumn or winter bouquet. OASIS® Aluminium Wire has been folded and added to both bouquets for decoration. In contrast trailing Apple-green has been used for the larger bridal bouquet and lavender for the bridesmaid’s. Follow Richards step by step Guide... Read More 

*Value Bundle includes enough to make 6 Bouquets!


Winter Warmth Value Bundle

Floralife® Finishing Touch.


1 x  Floralife® Finishing Touch.

Floralife® Finishing Touch hydration and protection spray. Great for protecting all types of flower bouquets.

Works from within so keeps your flowers fresh and lasting longer.



Wedding Warmth Value Bundle

OASIS® Bouquet Wrap.

6 x  OASIS® Bouquet Wrap.

A luxurious satin finish embellished with pearls. Easy to apply with a VELCRO fastener. Most noteworthy is the fact that it is also adjustable so fits any size of bouquet.

Wraps that take two ticks to use. Also adds the perfect finishing touch to bridal bouquets.



Wedding Warmth Value Bundle

Jute Natural.

1 x  Jute Natural.

Organic Jute Twine that give that rustic look. Twine used for wrapping bouquets also gifts.

Likewise use natural jute string as an alternative to ribbon for packaging your fresh flowers.



Winter Warmth Value Bundle

Floral Adhesive.

1 x  OASIS® Floral Adhesive.

Clear setting and Water resistant. Quick drying. As a result it glues most materials.

Great in situations where a glue gun is not suitable. Floral adhesive can also be used for Craft projects.



Winter Warmth Value Bundle

Ladynette II

6 x  OASIS® LadynetteII - 6 Pack.

Oasis® floral foam provides a water source for flowers. As a result ensuing flowers remain fresh the entire day. So suitable for a wide range of occasions. Furthermore you'll save time when arranging bridal bouquets. Pack of 6 pieces.



Wedding Winter Value Bundle

Aluminium Wire Apple Green.


1 x Roll Aluminium Wire. - Apple Green.

Strong malleable wire that is easy to shape. Also strong enough to hold. Metallic finish 2mm coloured aluminium wire. approx 11.7m per roll. Packs 100gm.



Wedding Warmth Value Bundle

Aluminium Wire Lavender.

1 x Roll Aluminium Wire. - Lavender.

Furthermore Aluminium wire enables you to add design features. Also to style and impact all your arrangements and gifts. Another use is tying. Also binding and fixing. Craft projects. Metallic finish 2mm coloured aluminium wire. Approx 11.7m per roll.  Packs 100gm.



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