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Black Floral Foam Changing Designs

OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife – PressRelease


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Another RESOURCES FOR FLORISTS is our Frequently Asked Questions Regarding OASIS® Floral Foam

Frequently Asked Questions

• What is the difference between an MSDS and an SDS?

An MSDS was typically used in the United States and was based on American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements. As a result of GHS standards, Smithers-Oasis was required to transition from MSDS to SDS, which have differences in content and formatting.

• You used to have a single OASIS® Floral Foam SDS. Why do you have multiple SDSs now?

As standards have changed, and the types of foams and associated performance claims have become more complex, we have determined that supplying SDSs specific to each type of foam best aligns with the market’s needs.

• Why are there differences in the data sheets (old versus new) for OASIS® Floral Foam?

Format, structure and GHS Classification rules of the SDS have evolved since Australia adopted the GHS Standard. Our current SDSs follow and comply with the current Australian Work Health and Safety Regulation.

SDSs are documents required by GHS and are intended for chemical substances and mixtures. Floral foam is an article, which is generally defined as a manufactured item that does not release or otherwise result in exposure to a hazardous chemical under normal conditions of use. Because our floral foam is an article (and not a chemical substance or mixture), an SDS is not required.