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Blooming Buttonholes

Blooming Buttonholes

  • September 12, 2019

Blooming Buttonholes Blooming Buttonholes Difficulty: Beginner Time Required: 30 In 3 simple steps create these Blooming Buttonholes which can easily be customised to your own wedding colours and flowers. Give the men in your wedding…

Wedding Reception Using A 12 Cm OASIS® Floral Cupcake

Wedding reception Floral Cupcake

  • August 28, 2019

Wedding reception Floral Cupcake Difficulty: Beginner Time Required: 15 minutes Wedding reception Floral Cupcake This romantic OASIS® Floral Cupcake is a lovely creation as a centre piece of your wedding reception. You will be…

Perfect Pew Ends LOMEY® Pew Holders

Perfect Pew Ends LOMEY® Pew Holders

  • April 18, 2019

Perfect Pew Ends LOMEY® Pew Holders. This LOMEY® Pew Holder has been specially designed to ensure hanging designs are stable and also easy to fix. Its versatility and the ability to adjust its…

Lace And Burlap Napkin Holders

Lace and Burlap Napkin Holders

  • January 6, 2019

Lace and Burlap Napkin Holders Combining rustic hessian or burlap with pretty white lace has been a popular choice for wedding decor this year, and these charming napkin holders are just the ticket to…

Reinvent Wreaths Like Laura Dowling In 8 Steps

Reinvent Wreaths like Laura Dowling in 8 Steps

  • November 20, 2018

Reinvent Wreaths like Laura Dowling in 8 Steps Are you and your customers ready for remarkable holiday wreaths? Laura Dowling, former chief floral designer at the White House, author and TED speaker, explains…

Create Magical Wands Using Aluminium Wire And Skeleton Bayan Leaves

Create Magical Wands

  • November 19, 2018

Create Magical Wands using Aluminium Wire and Skeleton Bayan Leaves Create Magical Wands! Magical wands are back in fashion and making enchanting wands has never been simpler with OASIS® Floral Products.  You don’t…

Floral Photo Booth Frame

Floral Photo Booth Frame

  • November 9, 2018

Floral Photo Booth Frame A wedding day is all about making memories to last a lifetime, and having a photo booth has become a popular way of both entertaining guests and also capturing some…

Summertime Basket

Summertime Basket

  • November 6, 2018

Summertime Basket Pretty florals look gorgeous this time of year around the house or as a centerpiece for on outdoor event. The range of Balmoral Baskets couldn’t make things easier to create a…

Ghoulish Tricks And Tempting Treats

Ghoulish Tricks and Tempting Treats

  • October 26, 2018

Ghoulish Tricks and Tempting Treats  These spooky, sensory baskets make Trick or Treat more fun than ever. There are two designs to make here, and you can use them in two ways. Present your sweets…

OASIS® Noir Ideal Floral Foam Maxlife Brick

Lilies and Dragons

  • October 21, 2018

Lilies and Dragons - with OASIS® Noir Ideal Floral Foam Maxlife  In this step-by-step guide you'll see just how easily our new floral foam can be hidden within a design. Because of the light-absorbing properties…

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