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Florist wire

Specifically designed for anyone working with flowers

Wires come in a vast array of differing thicknesses, known as the gauge. Always use wire cutters to cut your wire.

Why would you wire and tape flowers?

Read our guide Why and How to Wire and Tape Flowers to find the answers and see examples of basic wiring techniques

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  • Blue annealed reel wire

    Blue annealed reel wire

  • Green Wire 40cm 22g

    Green Wire 40cm 22g

  • Plastic wrap green wire

    Plastic Wrap Green Wire 30m

  • Plastic Wrap Green Wire 100m

    Plastic Wrap Green Wire 100m

  • Plastic wrap green wire 50m roll

    Plastic Wrap Green Wire 50m

  • Green Wire 35cm x 20g

    Green Wire 35cm 20g

  • Reel Wire Green

    Reel Wire Green 100gm x26g